Dylan Shows - Snake Aversion Training for Dog & More


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This episode we're joined by Dylan Shows to talk about snake aversion training in dogs as well as electrical issues in herp hardware! Like this episode? Want more? SUBSCRIBE via Soundcloud, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify or anywhere podcasts are found! Brought to you by BlackBox Cages & Rack Systems → blackboxcages.com Follow us - https://linktr.ee/The_Herpetoculture_Network Follow Justin - https://instagram.com/palmettocoastexotics Follow Jake - https://www.instagram.com/longleafreptilia/ Follow Phil - https://www.instagram.com/knobtails.ig/ Follow Bill - https://www.instagram.com/coalblackexotics/ Follow Steve’s Snaketuary - https://bit.ly/2KO9BIY Into track: Ketsa - Vibration - freemusicarchive.org/music/Ketsa/light-rising/vibration

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