Episode 87: Matthew Falconer - 4 x Transcontinental Bike Race Ultra Endurance Cyclist


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The Birdman, as he is affectionately known to all that know him, is one of the hard nuts of the Ultra Endurance world. Humble by nature, Matt Falconer walks us through his life story and what it took for this 120kg chain smoker to turn his life around to become a favorite and highly respected competitor amongst his pointy end peers. This 4 x Finisher of the Transcontinental Bike Race (12th, 5th, 2nd & 20th) has plans to hit the gravel in a big way throughout 2022....check out where he is heading next. Follow Matt's story on Instagram @b1rdmn, Twitter, Strava and Facebook. And for a more detailed description of all his Transcontinental Races head to his website www.mattonabike.com Enjoy.

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