Hip-Hop Digest Show 615 – Zoned Out


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By Dj King Killa, Curt G & e.Green - Pure Bred Hip-Hop Dudes, Dj King Killa, Curt G, and E.Green - Pure Bred Hip-Hop Dudes. Discovered by Player FM and our community — copyright is owned by the publisher, not Player FM, and audio is streamed directly from their servers. Hit the Subscribe button to track updates in Player FM, or paste the feed URL into other podcast apps.
The Hip-Hop Digest Weekly Pick Hits

01.J Bleds X A7MC – Open Spaces
02.John Robinson – The LvL Up (feat. Blackberry Jones)
03.Kid Abstrakt – Slow It Down
04.Krazy Race – The Life I Live
05.CYNE – Plain English (2003 Version)

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Notorious B.I.G. Tribute

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