11. The People of the Land / Am Ha'Aretz (Lockdown Special)


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You can stop this from being the final podcast by showing your support: see the link at the bottom. In this lockdown special my kids and I bring to life the story of King Jehoahaz focusing specifically on the role that the rank and file of Judah or "people of the land" / Am Ha'Aretz had on the story. Where do the Judeans live? How do they live? What do they eat? What is their role in this story? Also viewable at https://youtu.be/7xW0i8EycpU Narrated by expert Jewish Educator and Tour Guide, Yossi Silverman. Want to show your support? Visit my Ko-Fi page to contribute: https://ko-fi.com/scoutisrael or patreon.com/scoutisrael View my new Youtube channel : ScoutIsrael website: scoutisrael.com https://www.reddit.com/r/HistoryofJudaismcast/ History and Story of the Jews according to an educated religious Jewish perspective. A Jewish History podcast, theme music is under a collective commons license produced by the band Pharoah's Daughter

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