14. The Fall of the House of David : Destruction (A Belated 9th of Av Special)


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A Belated Fast of the 9th of Av Special where we hear the story of Tisha B'av and learn about history and archaeology. This is the final fall of the house of David and the destruction of the Temple and Jerusalem. Narrated by expert Jewish Educator and Tour Guide, Yossi Silverman. This Podcast was only possible through donations. Want to show your support? Visit my Ko-Fi page to contribute: ko-fi.com/scoutisrael or patreon.com/scoutisrael View my new Youtube channel: ScoutIsrael website: scoutisrael.com www.reddit.com/r/HistoryofJudaismcast/ History and Story of the Jews according to an educated religious Jewish perspective.

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