168: Answering the Call of Online Friendships (Solo Episode 32) with Rebekah Hargraves (Friendship Matters Series #5)


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About two months ago, we kicked off a brand new solo podcast series based on a book I co-authored with my dear friend, Amber Durgan, entitled "Friendship Matters: Cultivating Meaningful Connections in an Isolated World". Today we are focusing on chapter 5, a chapter that is all about online friendships. For Amber's perspective on this chapter, head on over to her podcast episode tomorrow!

What I Chat about in Today’s Episode:

~The blessings that online friendships can be; the folly of believing them to be "less-than"

~Technology and the advent of online friendships

~How online friendships can fill a void often felt in our current culture

~The benefits of online friendships and the voids they can fill

~The downsides to online friendships and the voids they cannot fill

~How to cultivate and deepen online friendships

~Troubleshooting online friendships (i.e. - dealing with misunderstandings due to perceived tone, expectations, and more)

~How online friendships have been mightily used by God in my own personal life

~The importance of refusing to make the mistake of putting all your friendship eggs in one proverbial basket and only having online friends

~And more!

For full show notes, head to www.hargraveshomeandhearth.com/podcast

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