FMF4 Getting Started Making Jams and Jellies


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Many people would like to start canning but they aren't sure where or how to get started. Making jams and jellies is an easy way try it out. You can get started in many cases with things you already having in your kitchen (you'll need to buy jelly jars/lids/rings). But, if you have a stock pot, you have all you need to get started.
Most jelly/jam recipes are very easy. They generally require three ingredients; fruit, sugar and pectin. My advice is to buy a box of Sure Jell pectin and follow the recipe to a "T". It may seem likes its a lot of sugar. Just go with it. (Or buy the low sugar variety. But, i'd still recommend new people start with the regular Sure Jell). You can can. Making jams and jellies is kind of like getting chickens; its the gateway drug to food preservation.

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