S1E76 Why I Plant Hybrid Varieties and Why I Think You Should Too


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On this week's episode we head back to the garden to talk about hybrids varieties of vegetables. Many times, in homesteading and gardening circles, hybrids get a bad rap. People love their heirlooms and open pollinated varieties (and so do I) and treat "hybrid" like it's a dirty word.
Now, certainly hybrids at times have fairly earned a reputation as not being very tasty. And I understand why some people have an issue with them with regards to seed patents. But, not all hybrids have patents on them. And don't believe the hooey when people tell you that hybrids are "basically GMOs".
On this episode we jump into what hybrids are (and are not). We talk about their benefits. And I share with you why I grow a mixture of heirloom and hybrids in my garden.
I also break down the busy week we had on the homestead (including me accidentally locking my wife in the coop.) I also reveal an exciting upcoming event. Email me for more info.

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