S1E81 Homesteading Is Under Attack


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This week I learned of a ballot initiative in Colorado called PAUSE, "Protect Animals from Unnecessary Suffering and Exploitation". That sounds like a good thing, until you read the text (click here to do so). What you find is that it criminalizes normal homesteading practices with regards to raising animals and it places onerous burdens on the raising of livestock for meat. Activists are attempting to get a similar ballot initiative on the ballot in Oregon (you can read about that here.)
But, homesteading is also under attack indirectly. There is a proposed law in California that specifically targets small engines which are used primarily in lawn and garden equipment. And the NY state legislature just passed a bill which is headed to the governor for signature that will mandate that by 2035 ALL vehicles sold in New York be electric, making it much more difficult for people to live in rural areas.
Homesteading is also under attack through recent influxes of people leaving city life for the country due to COVID. These individuals don't understand farming practices and seek to use ordinances to restrict what people can/cannot do on their land.
For many people lately, "keep politics out of homesteading" has been a mantra. And I understand why. Juvenile, petty name calling has become the norm. Blaming the "other side" is a common occurance.
Perhaps both Democrats and Republicans would be better served to acknowledge that their "team" has contributed to the situation in which we find ourselves. And we certainly need to have people start acting like adults again. We MUST find some civility and find a way to have difficult conversations about difficult topics. As homesteaders, we need to have each other's back. And we need to remember that while we may not live in Colorado or Oregon, our state might be the next one to adopt a resolution that would criminalized our way of life. We no longer have the luxury of leaving the politics out of homesteading!!!
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