The Homestretch w/Adrian Durant #19 - Olympian Athlete and National Record Holder Shara Proctor


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Welcome to another episode of The Homestretch w/Adrian Durant, where we meet and have conversations with some of the most inspiring and elite athletes, coaches and sports personalities. Today we have on the show, one of the most versatile and experienced athletes, Shara Proctor. She competes in jumping events where she has represented both Anguilla and Great Britain. She is the national record holder of both Anguilla and Great Britain and the first British female long-jumper to jump over 7 meters at the World Championships in Beijing where she also won a silver medal. Shara has competed at various international events including Olympics, Commonwealth Games and CAC Championships where she won medals in many events.

In this podcast with athlete Shara Proctor, we will talk about how she got into Track and Field, her time at University of Florida. Proctor also shares her life story and what her childhood was like. She’s always been into sports, she also shares her childhood fear of goats that helped her into becoming one of the world’s best long jumpers. Shara was into athletics from very early age and has played many sports like acrobat and football before becoming a professional long jumper, we also talked about that. She also shares her current routine and her pans for the future.

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