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The Gang talk about Single rule warscrolls in Age of Sigmar 3. Email your results to be included in the stats: Score Sheet Link (v1.1): Reference Sheet Link: The Honest Wargamer is an independent show, run by gamers, for gamers and supported by gamers. We don't accept sponsorship, so that you only get the best and most honest answers and opinions from us. If you would like to support us which we would be amazing then you can here -- Available as a podcast on soundcloud/itunes/all podcast apps -- Broadcasted live on Twitch -- Watch live at We have spent a lot of time producing what we think is a fantastic website as a resource for gamers with lists and guides. We would love you to check it out -- We have our merchandise: #ageofsigmar, #howto, #faction, #scoresheet, #battletome, #competitive, #wargaming, #warhammer, #tournament, #grandstrategy, #citiesofsigmar,

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