S03E03 Larry Fessenden's Habit with Special Guest John Langan


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Hey Class. This week we have John Langan on to talk about the 1996 Larry Fessenden directed flick Habit. John and Tyler talk really smart about the movie in relation to Mark Fisher and many of the concepts that he pioneered. Mike just tries to keep up!

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Before we started our discussion Tyler talked about another Fessenden directed movie Depraved which comes out September 13th. Here is his review. John discussed Memento Mori which we reviewed and The Spectacle of the Void. The Dark Corner of the Web is John's short story The Underground Economy published in Nightmare Magazine We then discuss the work of Mark Fisher in relationship to the movie Habit. We discuss his concepts of Hauntology, The Weird, and The Eerie. We didn't get to it but there is a great audio essay on the eerie that you can listen to. Ghost Dog has some stuff to say about the movie.

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