Ep 55: Investing and Managing Money while Young with Lauren of Adulting Is Easy


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This episode:

Today we chat with Lauren, host of the "Adulting is Easy" podcast, about her jump into finances in her twenties, real estate investing while holding down a full-time job, and her advice for managing finances to everyone regardless of age.


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Conversation Topics:

- Investing and Managing Money while young with @AdultingIsEasy

- Investing in Short Term Rentals

- The different ways Lauren invests & recommendations for investing

- Financing / Getting loans for AirBnB’s

- Explaining Tokenized Real Estate

- Advice for starting the road to Financial Freedom

- Creating a Lease and Rental Contract

- How to become a Landlord

- What Lauren’s goal is with Podcasting and closing thoughts

Guest: Lauren of Adulting Is Easy

-Twitter: https://twitter.com/AdultingIsEasy

-Website: https://www.realadultingiseasy.com/

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