Death In High Heels


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On we go to the 4th room in “The House Of Hammer”…

Join your host for this outing, Cev Moore, as he guides you through 1947 murder mystery, ‘Death In High Heels’, featuring the most unfashionable house of fashion you’ve ever seen, rabbit curry all round, an ingenious murder plot and not-so-genius lothario…

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“Smokey on… Christianna Brand” - was written and produced by Smokey

“Ben on… Whodunnits” - was written by Ben Taylorson and produced by Adam Roche

“Adam, Smokey and Cev on… Death In High Heels” - produced by Smokey

The rest of the episode was written, produced and presented by Cev Moore

“The House Of Hammer Theme” and incidental music - written and produced by Cev Moore

Artwork by Richard Wells

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