Episode 2 - Stephen K Bannon


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Dan and the Pack welcome to The Wolf Den the (sometimes) controversial, founding member of Breitbart News, former chief executive of the 2016 Trump Campaign, and host of the War Room podcast - Steve Bannon.

Steve’s life has taken him on a remarkable and unexpected journey that he shares with us. In this free-flowing conversation, he goes in depth about his upbringing, his experiences, and what shaped his political views. Steve has been a part of some significant historical events and his behind the scenes stories are both surprising and informative. This conversation pulls back the curtain on the controversial political figure that many only know from the media.

Entertaining, insightful, and revealing, this is a Steve Bannon that few have ever heard.

0:00:36 - Introduction 0:03:36 - Start 0:05:54 - Steve’s childhood, early political influences, and the volatile environment in the 1960s. 0:25:55 - Steve’s career in the Navy and his involvement with Operation Eagle Claw0:49:23 - Discussing the Obama administration and influences on the modern geo-political environment.1:02:20 - Transitioning from the Navy to Harvard and starting out at Goldman Sachs.1:18:09 - Intellectual property, Climate change, and starting Bannon & Co.1:26:16 - Steve’s ownership in Seinfeld, adjusting to the life of Hollywood, and Weinergate1:42:19 - The complete rundown of the Trump campaign2:28:30 - How the current system is destroying the working class2:42:22 - The unwinnable war in the middle east and the CCP’s business there.2:49:20 - Infrastructure, the new forming republican party, and the challenges of forming a successful third party2:56:30 - Bitcoin, investing in an overvalued stock market, the looming problem of debt3:00:20 - Wikileaks, Steve’s arrest in August, big news coming forward.

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