Sarah Weiler on teaching ukulele to google, knowing when to quit, and juggling multiple projects #73


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If you've ever had a crazy creative idea for a business or project, and then you've talked yourself out of it because you couldn't see where it will go and what the point was, and how you could ever make some money out of it. Well, this is gonna be a great podcast for you.

Sarah Weiler, runs a business called Power of Uke, teaching ukulele to giant corporations such as Google. Sarah also runs a London comedy club that has been running for six years ever since she launched it during a programme I used to run, called the 30 Day Challenge. On top of this, she has collaborated with Airbnb, and she's given a TEDx talk.

Sarah has so many creative projects she wants to pursue, but she developed some really interesting ideas about how to manage them all and how to decide which ones to continue and which ones to quit.

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