17: Games Pass & The Burden of Choice... (Impossible Mission 68)


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Impossible Mission has returned to the impossible mission podcast feed. Fancy that? Also. Fancy that it's debuting here instead of over on youtube.
The first half of the show is given over to News Trash, our weekly look at news from the big, bold and beautiful world of video games. Well... it's big and bold. Some of the news we look at includes... Updates on the PS5 DualSense court case, Apple Vs Epic Continues, EA and their Codemasters Acquisition, e3 and pals, and a Konami rumour blowout. On that last thing, we have to apologise to any Hideo Kojima fanboys, sorry, but also not sorry as it's our opinion and everyone is welcome to their opinion as long as they don't ruin other peoples lives with it. Looking at you here, Internet.
Then, in the back half, Impossible Mission returns!
On that episode of Impossible Mission, we talk about the problem of having access to more games than you can possibly ever play. You know? The Games Pass model. Then, at the back end of the show, we try out a new closing feature... GAMES FIGHT!
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