Episode 213: Happy Whatever


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Um so this was a weird episode. There was a 1920's section. Then like we explicitly said we wouldn't talk about Cyberpunk and then did? Also a talk about whether "Blind Playthrough" is ableist became a talk about multiculturalism and if we should stop saying "Happy Holidays"? I don't know. I played Twin Mirror? MrsL became Queen of France for a bit.

Uh, Happy Christmas, Hannukkah, Kwanza, Saturnalia, Candle Nights or just happy #2020isoverparty?

News: | Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah leave Bioware | Control coming to Game Pass | Twitch Removes "Blind Playthrough" Tag | Oscar Isaac cast as Snake in MGS Film |

Naughty Corner: | Cyberpunk public announces they'll DMCA anyone that streams pre-launch | Twitch tweets: "Delete your fortnite nexus war vods or risk DMCA" |

Why is this a thing? | So they're 34 year old games and old PC's in Japan |

--INCONSOLABLE AWARDS-- We're doing the inconsolables awards next week. We're covering the standard awards (game of the year, anticipated titles of 2020, soundtrack of the year, biggest surprise/disappoint). But we always love getting some weird, funny, dumb, interesting awards from the fans. Send us your award ideas via the podcast links below!


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