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In our latest episode in the Global Fintech Festival 2021 Podcast Series, we spoke with Shruti Chandra, Senior AVP and Sector Head BFSI, Invest India and Aastha Grover, AVP & Head, Startup India. We had an insight packed discussion on the growth of Fintech in India, investments in Fintech and the road ahead. During the episode we spoke about:

  • Growth of Fintech India
  • Enabling drivers for growth of Fintech in India
  • Fintech ecosystem in India
  • Why India is an attractive investment destination
  • Government support for Fintechs

So tune in for a birds eye view on how Fintech has grown in India and how the Government has ably supported this growth!!!

The Global Fintech Festival 2021 is India’s biggest Fintech festival and is one from the 28th - 30th of September. Register today -

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