Trends #9.2: IoT - Opportunities in the Smart Mobility Space ft. Sonia Bajaj


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In this week's Trends Newsletter, we covered the $10 Billion IoT Market. In our previous episode with Kush Mishra, we discussed the opportunities that exist in the overall IoT market.
We go further niche in this one. As regular listeners of TID would know, we love niches. In the episode today, we discuss the IoT Industry as it pertains to the automobile industry. Globally, we're now moving towards Smart Mobility, basically all automobiles connected to the Internet.
We have Sonia Bajaj with us today, AGM of Product Development for IoT & Smart Mobility division of Vodafone Idea. We talk to her about the state of this market, and the opportunities that exist in this space. If I were to be honest, I wasn't aware that the Smart Mobility Industry was as advanced as it is in India, we were pleasantly surprised by the foundational work at the infra level that has been done over the last few years. This industry will present tons of interesting opportunities to build profitable businesses - At the hardware, software and even services level. Listen on to learn more.
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