Ep. 47: Launching and growing an online fine jewellery brand with STAC Jewellery founder Aakriti Tapuriah


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“If you have an idea, don't just sit on it, honestly just go for it! Don't be scared of failing!”

Thrilled to bring you this energizing conversation with the founder of STAC Jewellery (and my cousin) Aakriti Tapuriah! Listen in as we chat about Bombay-based Aakriti’s start in the NGO world, her desire to create something independent from her family business, and her strategy for online success for this modern and minimal ‘everyday luxury’ brand. If you’re curious about launching a brand (from ideation to launch and growth) or just jumping in and launching anything at all, don’t miss this inspiring episode!

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STAC’s star bangle (of which I own the original ;)

Books and other stuff we discussed:

Nanhi Kali

The Upstarts: Uber, Airbnb, and the Battle for the New Silicon Valley by Brad Stone

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