Episode 093 - Valuing the Creative Process with Nicholas Erik


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Nicholas Erik talks about Valuing the Creative Process and the importance of factoring in the enjoyment you get out of the process. We talk about the dangers of trying to increase productivity by taking shortcuts, and the importance of making the puzzles and challenges that you have to solve ones that you want to solve, not ones you dread. And we talk about why Nick places less emphasis on goals, where you set an end date for an activity, and more emphasis on objectives, or how you want to spend your days today and in the coming years … because as Nick says, “If you just want to make money, there are a lot easier ways to do that than writing.”

For a transcript of this interview and links to more information, go to https://www.theindyauthor.com/podcast.html.

Nicholas Erik is the author of science fiction and urban fantasy, with over 20 books, including THE FINAL COLONY series and THE REMNANTS trilogy. He also writes comprehensive guides for his fellow indy authors on how to sell more books, build your fanbase, and be more productive. He runs 1-on-1 ads workshops and provides ads management for select clients. Nick previously joined me for Episode 052 - Five Keys to Building a Resilient Indy Business with Nicholas Erik, which I believe is a must-listen for any indy author.

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