103. Why your Voice Matters


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The fear of speaking in a second language or in public can be crippling.
That knot that pushes your words further down into your chest. Do you know it?

We often think about these things as if they are OUR OWN issues.
OUR problems, OUR English.
But what if English is just a manifestation of something bigger that prevents us from speaking?
What if our tendency to mute ourselves is not just English but something generational, that unless we break the chain, we will keep passing it onward?

In this podcast I share with you some of the struggles I’ve been facing recently around creating content during uncertain times, and how I found inspiration in an unexpected place – My ancestors.

I recorded this podcast, after listening to Amanda Gorman’s Ted talk called Using Your Voice is a Political Choice.
Watch it here: https://bit.ly/3bcuKbz

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