105: How to Sell Your Art Class (No Flowery Words Required) with Danielle Weil


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Today, we’re talking about harnessing your creativity to write copy for your business and why you don’t need to use flowery language to sell your art.

In this podcast, you will discover...
  • The counterintuitive secret to get your creativity flowing (so you can come up with endless ideas for your Instagram captions, emails, and social media posts)
  • How to blast through “blank page syndrome” and feel confident about your writing (this works especially well when you have NO TIME to write)
  • The 3 biggest mistakes artists make when they write
  • The “legal cheating” way to have inspiration on demand
  • Danielle’s #1 rule of writing words that sell more
  • Why you don’t need to use “flowery” language to sell your art (and what really works)

For full show notes, go to schulmanart.com/105

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