One Call Close with Vlad Cherchenko Part 1


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The World Famous Insurance Dudes chat with Vlad Cherchenko
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Vlad Cherchenko

Co-Founder / CEO


Vlad Cherchenko is the founder of Insurance Sales Lab and the creator of the 'One Call Close Masterclass' which is the most powerful sales training for P&C insurance agents.

Insurance agents who go through the ‘One Call Close Masterclass’ expect one thing, and one thing only: RESULTS (AKA – MORE SALES).

This online training course is full of actionable, strategic, and proven scripts from Vlad, who not only wrote over 150 policies per month as a single producer, but has helped hundreds of agents increase their sales by implementing his bulletproof sales and referral process in their agency.

There is no “conceptual thought” or “theoretical strategies” behind any of these sessions. Everything that you’ll discover at the ‘One Call Close Masterclass’ is time-tested, and are proven strategies structured to increase your P&C sales, referrals, and retention in your book of business.

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