5. Ties and T-Shirts


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Join me as I talk with Gerald Parsons, CEO of Life Languages InternationalTM and author of his new book, Ties and T-shirts where he talks about:

Cultural, demographic, and generational diversity has changed the way companies develop, operate, and most importantly, communicate.

Understanding you can't talk to Millennials in the same way you talk to Baby Boomers. In order to lead successfully in this day and age, you must adapt to and strive to understand the different styles, personalities, and temperaments of your employees. Let's communicate!


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  • Welcome to the integrated life!
  • Why the Life Language is so important
  • Get to know Jerry
  • The background of Life Language
  • A sneak peek into Jarry’s book
  • The importance of bridging the generational gap
  • Dianas favorite part of Jarry’s book
  • What is the R.O.I.I.?
  • Breakdown in communication
  • How the Life Language test is different than other personality assents
  • Insight into the younger generation
  • You either act, think, or feel.
  • How to find Ties and T-shirts

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