6. Part One: The Power of a Great Leader


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This is part one of a two-part series. In this episode, I will be talking with my dear friends Joe and Kathy Nemmers.

Joe has been a valued mentor of mine for close to 20 years and he was instrumental in guiding me in my corporate career. Kathy was also mentored by Joe and then over time and some tragic life events their relationship changed.

We will be sharing on:

  • The power of a great leader
  • How mentoring can impact your life
  • How does a corporate executive leader integrate work and family?
  • Join us for some great insights!


Connect with Diana:


  • Meet Joe and Kathy
  • One thing in life that you can’t put a price on
  • One of the key signs of a good leader
  • How Joe and Kathy display the integrated life
  • How integrating family and business has benefited Joe’s life and business
  • The unique thing that Diana, Joe, and Kathy have in common
  • How you can start feeling more whole and be successful today
  • How to find a mentor for you and your goals
  • The lost art of asking questions
  • What to expect next time

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