The Internet Said So | EP 107 | Lotteries, Celebs, Fridges and Only Murders in the Building


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In today’s episode, the boys share their obsession with true crime by discussing the 10-episode comedy show ‘Only Murders in the Building’ starring Selena Gomez, Steve Martin and Martin Short streaming on Disney+ Hotstar #ad

Just like our boys, the trio is obsessed with true crime who start their own podcast in lieu of investigating a death in the building. The finale drops next Tuesday, 19 October so you have exactly a week to catch up on all the suspense. On the pod, Kautuk tells us about the origin story of the refrigerator, Neville talks about lotteries and Varun has some stories to share about meeting celebs.

Watch Only Murders in the building here:

A Message from Aadar:

I must humbly acknowledge Neville's correctness about the 24th shows in Bangalore. Postponing them and will give out new dates.

BUT till then, Kautuk and I are doing our two-man travel stories show, Jokes Without Borders on Zoom on 22nd October!

Get tickets here:

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