SharePoint Roadmap Pitstop November 2021


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November 2021 brought lots of great SharePoint and related tech releases: Microsoft Viva GA, private drafts for SharePoint news and pages, Embed web part for SharePoint spaces, SharePoint Framework (SPFx) v1.13, SharePoint admin center: Manage channel sites, Microsoft Lists: Fast and offline, updated site creation experience, Microsoft Feedback for OneDrive and SharePoint, and more – plus new disclosures from Microsoft Ignite. We also chat with Andrey Esipov, principal program manager on the SharePoint team working to make Microsoft Lists, OneDrive and other technologies fast and available for offline work. Andrey shares more about 'Project Nucleus' and how it combines Progressive Web App (PWA) tech with the new Microsoft.SharePoint.exe component.

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Building fast, offline-capable Microsoft 365 web applications” by Andrey Esipov

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