Start a Podcast For Free | Episode #001


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Hey hustlers, In this episode , I’m going to talk about the best and the easiest way to start a podcast for free! TIME-STAMPED SHOW NOTES: 00:15 - Today's Topic: How To Start a Podcast For Free. 00:36 - What is Podcast? 01:17 - What you need to start a podcast? 01:46 - Define your niche. 02:15 - Choose a name for your podcast. 02:46 - Write a description and design a cover art. 03:47 - Record your first podcast episode. 04:07 - Edit the audio file. 04:44 - Hosting and distributing podcast. 05:18 - How to make money podcasting? 6:12 - Bye Bye Blog article - Ask @InuEtc Blog - Keep hustling:)

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