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I spoke about one of the most trending topics - TikTok vs YouTube. These are the most popular social media platforms and we know that these days there is a feud going on between creators from both TikTok and YouTube. But I'm not here to talk only about the rivalry, but in this detailed analysis video, I'll share some positive aspects of both TikTok and YouTube. Also, I'm going to discuss more about YouTube and TikTok algorithm, content creation, money-earning opportunities, and the hottest topic - Carryminati on Amir Siddiqui and TikTok.

I also shared my opinion on the controversy and the burning question - 'What's the best, TikTok or YouTube?'

Stay tuned and keep learning.


00:01 - Introduction - TikTok Vs YouTube

00:59 - CarryMinati Aamir Siddiqui Roast: CarryMinati on TikTok Vs YouTube

01:21 - Saiman Says

02:11 - Content Creation on TikTok and YouTube

02:47 - Amir Siddiqui

03:09 - Don't compare YouTube content with TikTok content

04:40 - Understanding YouTube and TikTok algorithm

06:38 - TikTok successful kaise bane?

08:17 - Earning - The Money Factor - YouTube vs TikTok

10:59 - TikTok vs YouTube - What's the best?

11:40 - As a content creator, aapko kya karna chahiye?

12:25 - Something more about Carryminati, Ashish Chanchlani, and Neon Man

12:57 - Some Outro Talk! Byeee! (Subscribe Kardo Yarrr!)

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