Episode 352 – The CHAZ, News, Events, and More


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And we are good to go. What is going on? Welcome to episode 352 of the IT in the D show. We are broadcasting live. Bob, can we let's do one real quick guys. We're not doing anything scary. This week. Fred Brown is not allowed near this broadcast. I am not staying up until one in the morning. Having conversations with freaked out people. Again, we are broadcasting live from the podcast. He trade autonomous zone here in beautiful betray, Michigan, probably sales guy that the Twitter is doing. The Twitter is find us online@itinthed.com. I don't know why, because we are it in the D and you still are not even with a pandemic going on. You're still planting a garden by putting top soil over a grass with styrofoam Cox. It's a Turrell what's going on. This is world. This is the world we live in. Are they just doing things to humor me right now? I say, dude, we are in season four of whatever show that we're all on. And the writers are all trying to get fired so they can move on to better projects. And they're just making shit up. As they go along. The park is sitting on their hands, trying to release this Chaz episode. They have to, Oh, they are dying. Hey, before we do that, let me go ahead and fire. When ready are you firing? When ready? Now you can carry on.
I can't dude, just watching what's going on in Seattle. I can't stop laughing. It's like, this is a human South park episode. Come to life. This is the onion and Babylon be in the cell park. All had a baby. And do that now, like bikers, like, did anything happen with the bikers that were going out there today? I didn't know if it was, I don't like talking about this stuff. I don't know if it's real or not. Cause you're like blinkers are on route and I'm like, Oh, I want to see this. This is like a put paper view on man. This is solved the nationals who doesn't want to see that? Oh, that would be amazing. I'm not going to lie. You haven't figured out what's going on. It's like there, they be like occupied as six block territory of Seattle and they, and to go against the injustices of the world, they've done the same thing.
The U S does by building. The very first thing they did was built a wall with checkpoints and our guards fight the power. Apparently there's some rogue, independent rapper with his entourage. It's like beating the shit out of why isn't this a movie like you wouldn't pay 20 bucks a day to watch the cameras in there. We are living that's that's the dude, whoever created black mirror, season six, the fully immersive experience is just a goddamn genius. Like that's, that's the only thing I that's the only way I describe what the hell is going on right now. Mark Burnett. You cancel cops. You don't give me chance. Come on. Like Howard, do there's gotta be life. I actually, now that you said that there's gotta be live feed somewhere. Like there has to be, no, they don't like there. I was watching something from Steven Crowder and it's like some guy who was like, Oh, he's on the scene. Um, and they, like, they took him and beat the shit out of him in and interrogation tent and wanted to see his film. Cause they thought he was a conservative pundit. Um, so there's like actually 10 and I don't know if they're full of shit or not, or making stuff up. You know what I mean? Like, that'd be a 10 ton homo Bay.
That's the thing with these tweets. Like you don't know if they're like, like when, when the tweak you wanted to date to, they ran out of food. Cause the homeless people storm the tent. Well, and then you've got Fox news using, um, conflated images where they're like they're Photoshopping multiple images together to try to paint the situation is worse than it really is. So that's not helping. So I don't know what's going on. I mean basically what the guy said was, uh, well, yeah.

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