Looking back on 2020


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It’s not overstating matters to say that this year has been the most eventful and unusual in the history of IT. As the COVID-19 pandemic developed and spread, cloud technology was thrust to the forefront, providing the infrastructure to allow business to continue while workers isolated themselves in their homes and, in many ways, saving the day.
Aside from the pandemic and its manifold impacts, however, this year has been extremely eventful in other ways. We saw a flurry of high-profile corporate acquisitions, a series of government IT blunders and one of the most tumultuous US elections in living memory. In this special Christmas episode of the IT Pro Podcast, we take a look back over the year just gone and talk about what made it so eventful.
For links to all of the stories we've spoken about in today's episode, head to http://bit.ly/ITPP-lookback.

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