Ep 27. Sweating, Cramping and Elite Hydration with Andy Blow


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Andy Blow is a Sports Scientist and the founder of Precision Hydration. Andy was formerly an elite-level triathlete who can count a couple of top-10 IRONMAN finishes and an Xterra Age-Group World title to his name. It was during his racing career that he discovered how individualised fluid and electrolyte replacement can make such a big difference to performance, and this led to him setting up precisionhydration.com - a company that specialises in sweat, dehydration, cramping, electrolyte replenishment, and helping athletes better understand their own hydration needs.

We discuss what goes on in your body to make it sweat, why it’s important to hydrate regularly, how much is too much, how to tell you’re dehydrated, the benefits of knowing your sweat levels when training, why we cramp, the importance of being prepared and much much more.

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