S5E46- FBI show franchise (with superfan Jenelle!)


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Janelle, a key member of the online #FBIFam social trend, joins me to make her podcasting debut! We tackle Dick Wolf's ongoing Law & Order/Chicago PD spin-off series FBI and its spin-offs Most Wanted and International!

Why are most of these far better than most formulaic CBS shows? Is the main FBI show the next addicting binge since 24? Is Most Wanted essentially going deeper than any Criminal Minds episode dared to go before? Is International a more mature version of today's commonplace sleazy extortion and ransom based schemes done Taken-style? And why do all fans politely disagree on which entry is the best of the lot? Is watching violent bank robbers and White Supremacists get capped weekly by fictional FBI agents helping the U.S. heal as a nation? And more rewarding yet intense manhunts and troubled authority figures get detailed (if not profiled)!

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