Ben Reynolds, founder of Sure Dividend


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  • (01:05) Ben’s self-introduction and introduction of Sure Dividend
  • (03:12) How Ben came to focus on dividend stocks
  • (08:01) Why Ben primarily focuses on high-growth dividend stocks
  • (10:26) Ben’s framework for a first-time high-dividend growth investor
  • (12:51) Ben on model portfolios
  • (15:22) How to get started building a high growth dividend portfolio
  • (18:25) Ben’s advice on reinvesting and investing in general
  • (20:02) The risks of investing in Dividend Aristocrats
  • (23:43) Ben’s response to a Dividend Aristocrat cutting their dividend
  • (24:47) Red flags when dealing with high growth dividend stocks
  • (28:13) Ben shares his sector preferences
  • (30:40) The effects of geopolitical events and market dislocations on dividend investors
  • (33:50) High dividend stocks Ben recommends
  • (36:26) About the Sure Dividend website and the newsletter offerings

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