Stanley Lim, author of Value Investing in Asia


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  • (0:48) Jay’s introduction of Stanley
  • (2:02) Stanley’s background
  • (4:11) How Stanley became interested in investing
  • (7:04) Why Stanley started the ValueInvestAsia blog
  • (10:27) Stanley gives a primer on what is value investing
  • (16:01) How transparency and corporate governance differs in Asia versus the West
  • (21:12) Stanley shares some simple metrics for weeding out bad bets
  • (26:08) The Asian countries Stanley choose to invest in
  • (29:17) Stanley’s perspective on the Singaporean market
  • (32:51) Stanley’s broad view of the markets — especially from a value-investor perspective
  • (36:01) A trade Stanley is excited about
  • (39:30) Advice for foreigners who want to invest in Asia
  • (40:56) About Stanley’s book, Value Investing in Asia

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