Episode 173


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Can being cheap cost you more, be it in money, time or stress? There are some situations where spending more money almost guarantees a better good or service. In this episode Carter and Mo talk about the problem with being cheap, finding reputable contractors and missing opportunities in business and jiu-jitsu by being too focused on one thing.

• The bad parts about not training (02:13)
• Mental benefits of training (04:43)
• Are there situations when there is a benefit to not taking action? (08:49)
• People buy from people they trust (11:57)
• Why Carter hates an empty job site on a weekday (13:31)
• The value of paying more money for a reputable contractor (16:00)
• If you think you are saving money, you are probably investing more time and dealing with more stress (18:28)
• When you stop training you can develop a false sense of how good you are at jiu-jitsu (21:17)
• You have to put yourself in bad positions and learn from real experience (23:27)
• Missing opportunities in training by being so focused on certain techniques (25:45)
• The time Carter was so focused on one thing he didn’t see the opportunities in from of him (29:22)

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