JCP Ep #3 - Final Fantasy XVI, Hogwarts Legacy, WoW Shadowlands Covenants


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Welcome to the Josh Corbett Podcast, where it's not my opinion that counts, but yours!

Listen in today as the show takes calls from the gaming community, discussing the news and issues that we bond over as gamers.

This week, we talk about the amazing Final Fantasy XVI announcement and breakdown the trailer a little, we discuss Hogwarts Legacy for the Harry Potter fans, and then turn to a hot button topic in World of Warcraft coming up in Shadowlands, 'covenants'.


  • Final Fantasy XVI w/ Patricia & Kiradoril - 1:00
  • Hogwarts Legacy w/ Surnami - 34:55
  • WoW Shadowlands - Covenants w/ Jason & PWJ - 54:20

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