Zombie Countdown #1 - Arugal, Servers, Blizzard & TBC


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Countdown To Classic is back!!!

At least for now, as Josh picks up the microphone once again to help bring light to an issue that is near and dear to his heart, the situation on Arugal.

Josh enlists a bunch of dedicated Classic players to discuss not only what's happening on Arugal, but also their attitudes towards Classic servers in general, Blizzard's management of the servers and customer service, and also looks down the road slightly to The Burning Crusade. There's a little something for everyone here, even if you don't happen to play on Arugal!


  • Welcome Back + Intros - 0:00 (Duh)
  • The History of Arugal - 5:00
  • Why Not Transfer? - 9:10
  • Why Do We Get Married To Servers? - 13:50
  • Cash Grab or Nah? - 19:25
  • Pop Cap Ninja Raised? - 21:25
  • Being a GM + Raiding Through Queues - 23:40
  • Arugal's Online Reaction - 26:40
  • Customer Service + Blizzard - 30:00
  • The Irony of Begging For Layers in Classic - 36:30
  • Burning Crusade Server Pops - 43:20
  • Blizzard's Technical Performance vs. Private Servers - 54:35
  • Class Dreams & Fears for TBC - 1:00:10
  • Rogues in TBC: Yay or Nay? - 1:06:45
  • What Meta Surprises Are Coming in TBC? - 1:08:45
  • Drums in TBC: OP or Not? - 1:10:25
  • Goodbyes - 1:15:00

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