TJWS 322: A little High Country Drama with Greg Owens


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That’s right! Playwright, podcaster and man-about-coffee-shops Greg Owens joins me today as co-host and interviewee as we go through some great music grabs from his personal stash. He also talks about his brand new podcast showcasing first reads of short plays – it’s called High Country Drama and you should check it out.


Greg Owens joins us on the show this week filling in for Claire. He’s got great hair.

The Playlist

  1. America from the album America by The Clear
  2. Robert by Vincent Awuku
  3. Wolves by Strange Waves
  4. Owl Song by Firewoodisland
  5. In the Middle from the Close to Nowhere Live Recordings by Morgan Bain
  6. Lovesongs and Lullabyes from the album The Perfect Shade of Green I by Skittish
  7. Human aka Man’s Lot by The 150 Friends Club
  8. Holding On by Bobbie Morrone
  9. Leave Me Alone (live) from live session at Blunderbuss, Bozeman, MT by Kyle M. Helm
  10. Seeing Red from the album Shamanaid by My Baby
  11. Wildfire by Keston Cobblers Club
  12. Cool Girl from the album Madi Anne Davis EP by Madi Davis
  13. Easy from the album Closer EP by Nathaniel Rateliff
  14. Rewind And Retake from the album The Dues by Julia & The Basement Tapes
  15. Time from the album Colours EP by Navina
  16. Easy from the album Closer EP by Nathaniel Rateliff
  17. Honey Pie from the album Honey Pie by Charlie and the Rays
  18. Shake from the album What We Do by Shook Twins
  19. Interview with Greg Owens from The High Country Drama Podcast
  20. Mermen from the album Time Between The Times by The Westylvanians
  21. Atlas from the album Atlas by Sea at Last
  22. Not to Act is to Act from the album Bonhoffer by Ranges
  23. Kaja from the album Skantron by Pencil
  24. Operator Taunt from the album Debutante Warnings by Rasp Thorne and the Briars

Thanks again to Greg for being on the show!

See you next week.

~JW and GO

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