TJWS 323: Kye Alfred Hillig and Tinder for Musicians


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This week Kye Alfred Hillig joins Claire and myself for a chat about his upcoming album release, Great Falls Memorial Interchange. We’ll talk to him about the new tunes, his groundbreaking album released last year, The Buddhist, and perhaps a bit about death and nuclear bombs, too. We’ve got a bunch of great tunes to showcase for you, and we’ll propose a new Tinder add-on for musicians.


Kye Alfred Hillig’s new album, Great Falls Memorial Interchange is out this month.

The Playlist

  1. Vultures from the album Monticule EP by Monticule
  2. 15 Minutes from the album Friendly EP by Rocket Van
  3. Motivate by Free Mason Jar
  4. Silly Boys Breaking Hearts by Yazzy
  5. Let Me In by Alix Gitter
  6. Autumn Wind by Devin Leslie
  7. Won’t You Sleep from the album Fajita’s Basement by The Ramisco Maki Maki Rocking Horse
  8. Gullible Travels from the album Gullible Travels by Zvilnik
  9. Nowhere Man from the album #3 by Archi Deep and the Monkeyshakers
  10. Time To Move On by Crash Island
  11. Interview with Kye Alfred Hillig
  12. Whitney Houston from the album Great Falls Memorial Interchange by Kye Alfred Hillig
  13. To Be Good from the album Great Falls Memorial Interchange by Kye Alfred Hillig
  14. Sequences from the album The June EP by Runabay
  15. Still Trying from the album Falling Faster Than You Can Run by Nathaniel Rateliff

See you next week!


~JW and CR

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