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Talk about a Spiritual Team On The Job (STOTJ)! My guests this week, Betsy and Laura Milne are two amazing women, business coaches and podcast hosts, who met online on Instagram about six years ago through what seemed like total chance.

And, before you ask, they’re not sisters and they’re not even related! HA! They’re two women who just happened to have the same last name and as you’ll soon hear, the Universe had good reason to bring them together.

Betsy and Laura were brought together by forces greater than them and that connection is what sparked them to create the growing community and brand, Luscious Hustle! A business that redefines what it means to “hustle” as an online female entrepreneur.

Today on The Karen Kenney Show, we’re talking about the Divine Feminine, Human Design Types, getting clear about your desires and what that means when it comes to our personal lives, our business, our relationships and most importantly our healing.

KK's Key Takeaways:

• How We Met (2:43)

• Divine Feminine Leadership (19:34)

• I Stirred The Pot (24:15)

• 2020 Was Dark For Us (28:04)

• The Vision Was Strong (29:30)

• Human Design Types (31:59)

• Blame Game (37:05)

• Started A Podcast (40:07)

• We’ve Been Copied (45:17)

• The Moon Works Best (50:47)

• It’s Not About Joy All The Time (53:52)

• I Was Afraid To Be Seen (1:03:09)

• Side Hustles (1:13:52)

• Stability & Impact (1:21:41)

• Wounded Feminine (1:28:48)

• Get Clear About Desire (1:41:11)

• Scrooge McDuck (1:42:22)

Meet Betsy Milne and Laura Milne

Betsy Milne & Laura Milne are business coaches, podcast hosts, and creators behind the growing community and brand, Luscious Hustle!

So you’re probably thinking they’re sisters, right?!

In fact, they were total strangers! ...who just happen to have the same last name. After connecting through an Instagram DM in 2016, Betsy and Laura became fast friends and business partners while living 3000 miles, in two different countries.

Born from the ashes of burnout, Luscious Hustle was created to redefine what it means to “hustle” as an online entrepreneur. In less than a year, they harnessed their passion to build a six-figure business that supported the lifestyle and time freedom they craved.

Together, Betsy and Laura mentor women through business development and human design alignment. They believe every woman possesses the power to lead herself to create a life and business of prosperity and impact while honoring the wildly feminine wisdom that lives within.





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Karen Kenney is a certified Spiritual Mentor, writer, author, speaker, and the host of The Karen Kenney Show Podcast. She’s also the founder of THE NEST - an online spiritual membership & community.

She’s been a student & guide of A Course in Miracles for close to three decades, a certified yoga teacher for 20+ years and is a longtime practitioner of Passage Meditation. She’s also a Gateless Writing Instructor, workshop facilitator and transformational retreat leader.

KK grew up in Lawrence & Boston, MA, and graduated from Boston University with a degree in Communications. She’s known for her storytelling, her sense of humor and her “down-to-earth”, no BS approach to Spirituality.

She helps people to rewrite their old stories, shift their perception from fear to Love, and deepen their connection to Self, Source & Spirit. Using her signature process - Your Story to Your Glory™ - people learn how to transform themselves and their lives from the inside out, so they can feel empowered, play a proactive part in their own healing, and experience more fun, flow, and freedom!

A sought-after speaker, spiritual teacher, and thought leader for podcasts, shows, live events, group retreats and entrepreneurial mastermind programs, Karen has been invited to speak & teach on various platforms, stages & retreat centers across the country, including the renowned Omega Institute for Holistic Studies.

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