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We all have access to spiritual and specific gifts; or what I call our ability to align to something beyond our physical body.

However, I do believe that some people are far more finely attuned to their gifts. Just like the ones that my guest, Intuitive Therapist and Soul Whisperer, Georgina Durcan unknowingly became aware of at a very early age, but not in the ways that you would think.

It wasn’t until later in life, after time spent in hospitals, sessions of electric shock therapy and heavy medications that Georgina made the conscious connection to God/Source that her soul was always searching for.

Today on The Karen Kenney Show, we’re talking with my dear friend Georgie and walking through her journey from a sensitive child who due to childhood trauma spent many of her younger years feeling alone, sad and misunderstood. To her hearing the voice of the Divine and rising up to take on the remarkable responsibility of using her intuitive gifts to first help herself and to know also help others and heal the world.

KK's Key Takeaways:

• The Mind Doesn’t Choose It (7:50)

• Take Brave & Courageous Steps (13:42)

• Using Your Gifts (21:21)

• I Was So Afraid (36:41)

• Gives Your Clarity (48:51)

• History Of Healers (58:13)

• Afraid Of Our Feelings (1:06:09)

• I Have An Ego (1:17:54)

• Guest Teacher in The Nest (131:30)

Georgina Durcan is an Intuitive Therapist and is affectionately known as The ‘Soul Whisperer.’

She helps people move forward and transform their lives through 1:1 private healing and coaching, online group programs, self-study courses and live events. She is also the host of the Soul Side Up podcast.

Through her work, Georgina helps her clients to connect with that part of them that rarely gets listened to but holds all the answers. She points the way for her clients to come home to who they truly are.

She helps people to strengthen their connection with their internal guidance system that always leads to our highest good and greatest joy. She emphasizes that it’s really about you feeling that it’s you supporting you.

She has trained in many different mind, body and soul therapies, most recently with the Chopra Centre in the States.

For several years she was based in Vancouver, Canada and returned to Ireland in 2013. Her mission is to teach and guide people all around the world, to see the infinite possibilities that are there for them.




Karen Kenney Show Podcast. She’s also the founder of THE NEST - an online spiritual membership & community.

She’s been a student & guide of A Course in Miracles for close to three decades, a yoga teacher for 20+ years and is a longtime practitioner of Passage Meditation. She’s also a Gateless Writing Instructor & workshop facilitator and is currently working on a memoir.

KK grew up in Lawrence & Boston, MA, and graduated from BU with a degree in Communications. She’s known for her storytelling, her sense of humor, her love of the Divine and her “down-to-earth” practical approach to Spirituality. Her signature process: Your Story to Your Glory™ - helps people transform their old stories of victimization & suffering, so they can choose Love over fear, improve their most important relationships, deepen their connection to Self, Source & Spirit, and live from a place of forgiveness, flow, freedom & fun!

A sought-after speaker, spiritual teacher, and thought leader for podcasts, shows, live events, and mastermind programs, Karen's been invited to speak & teach on various platforms, stages & retreat centers across the country, including the renowned Omega Institute for Holistic Studies.

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