[How They Built It] From Front Desk to VP with Zach Lucas of FIIT Nation


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Whether you’re working your way up the corporate ladder or building your own business as an entrepreneur, this episode is full of ways to grow and advance in your career! Zach Lucas is on the podcast sharing how he went from working the front desk at 24 Hour Fitness, and stood out to the point where he earned VP in the organization. Tune in to Zach’s story for how he showed up fully regardless of his role, being willing to take risks, and his best advice for being successful in your career!

02:15 How did the military get you started in the fitness business?

06:20 What made you switch from becoming a History Teacher to a Personal Trainer?

08:30 Is the career you’re working towards going to give you the income and lifestyle you want?

11:15 What did your journey look like from working the front desk to being a VP?

13:40 How long did you work the front desk before you started moving up within 24 Hour Fitness?

17:30 When did you start seeing that there could be a bigger picture than staying in corporate?

20:15 How did you convince your family to uproot, leave your career, and move for a new job?

24:40 What was the learning curve switching from 24 Hour Fitness to Pure Fitness?

27:15 What advice to you have for those wanting to move up within a corporation?

29:30 What enticed you to make the change from running a big box gym to a boutique model?

32:00 How do you add value to your members as a boutique gym?

37:40 What advice do you have that made you successful in your career?

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