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Jessica Zweig is back on the show for a live conversation with Kelli around her new book, “Be: A No-Bullsh*t Guide to Increasing Your Self Worth and Net Worth by Simply Being Yourself.” As two women CEOs, Kelli and Jess show you what’s possible when women show up and root for each other. They talk about authenticity and what that means when you’re shifting, and being okay with your truth changing even when that’s scary. Jess shares her experience with imposter syndrome, and why we need to let ourselves take up space instead of playing small. This is a dynamic conversation about the merging of business, spirituality, and personal evolution.

Today on The Kelli Show:

  • What’s possible in female relationships
  • Authenticity: are you coming from ego or service?
  • Allowing the evolution of your truth
  • Letting yourself take up space vs. playing small
  • Feminine flow—letting go of control & the need to plan
  • Weaving your spirituality into branding
  • Using your triggers to activate and expand you
  • How to let others remind you of your power

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