Acyee Brown on Human Design, Money, Purpose & Building a Biz Based on your Type


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About Aycee Brown:

Aycee Brown is a psychic channel, spiritual guide/teacher, entrepreneur, and your favorite Human Design bae. The work she does in the world is about transformation. She offers people a deeper look into themselves, helping them re-frame who they are, and clarify where and why they belong. She does this through spiritual self-development, Human Design, astrology, and metaphysics. She’s also the host of the Is My Aura On Straight Podcast.

In this episode, you'll learn:

Ideas for which types of services and offerings that work well for each type

How your north node and planet of Jupiter in your birth chart can support you in figuring out your purpose.

How each aura type has a different way of producing things + how to know it so that you can produce your best work.

What each aura type might struggle with around money.

How to tap into and access the money gates in your chart. (+ How to also look at your childhood, influences, inner child, and mindset too for more clarity).

What to do if you have no money gates. (+ How Oprah has no money gates, but leveraged other things).

The two most important parts to focus on in your chart (and what gets overlooked the most!)

The difference between Googling your Human Design and astrology versus taking it to a reader.

Plus, Aycee does a mini reading of my human design chart and it’s SO accurate!

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