6 Steps to Starting a Business from Scratch


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In this episode, you'll learn:

How to get RIDICULOUSLY clear on what you want to offer and sell.

My best advice on how to figure out who you should serve.

My sure-fire tips on picking your title (aka what you call yourself at a party — like a “business coach”)

The ONE sentence you need to write a crystal clear Instagram bio. (And my template you NEED to get your hands on in order to write your bio!)

How to create a basic Instagram account, the initial content you can start posting, and why it can be really simple at the start. (FYI: you don’t need 10k followers or a blue checkmark).

How to craft a simple 3-paged website that will get you off the ground.

How to create a lead magnet (aka a “freebie”) and where to put it.

Resources mentioned:

Free Quiz: What’s Your Zone of Genius?

Free Training: How I Built a 6-Figure Business with 1:1 Services and Online Courses (with less than 2,000 followers of Instagram)

Your Conscious Empire

The Mentorship

5 Things to Post on Instagram to Make More Money in Your Business

“What Should I Sell?” 3 Questions to Help You Decide

Christy Bartelt (if you hire her, tell her I sent you!)

The free month of ConvertKit is here: kellytrach.com/tools

List of books mentioned here: kellytrach.com/tools

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