How Charlotte Kaye Quit Her Full-Time Job in 6 Months with Your Conscious Empire


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My guest this week is podcaster, life coach and good friend Charlotte Kaye. Charlotte was actually the very first student to enroll in Your Conscious Empire that I offer as part of my coaching services. Now, she’s an accomplished course creator and mentor like yours truly and knows firsthand what you can take away from my courses and how you can use them a forge a path of your own.

In this revealing chat, Charlotte explains how she learned to finally say “no,” discusses how writing is an essential part of her day, and tells you what it’s like to take part in Your Conscious Empire. Also, I shine a spotlight on the review of the week from one of my Your Conscious Empire students.

About Charlotte:

Charlotte Kaye is a life coach, podcaster and online course creator. Through her online course and 1:1 coaching, she helps women take back control of their lives. What she loves most about her work is that she gets to support her amazing clients in bringing their most authentic, confident selves to the forefront of their life. She does this through helping people discover their true calling in life and incorporate that into what they do in real authentic ways. She truly believes that when we are following what lights us up we create a kinder more inclusive, world.

In this episode, you'll learn:

- Charlotte sits through some rapid fire questions and explains what it means to be a “projector.”

- Why it can be very necessary to say “no,” and Charlotte’s advice for building up the confidence to do this.

- How a little bit of writing can go a long way toward starting her day off on the right foot.

- Why you should seek out Charlotte’s courses if you’re feeling like your life is on “auto-pilot.”

- How Charlotte discovered Kelly’s coaching and what it was like to transition from her old career to this new job of her dreams.

- What Charlotte’s been most proud of accomplishing since setting off on her own.

- Why the universe is going to give you a kick in the butt if you don’t get yours in gear.

- Charlotte’s advice for listeners apprehensive about taking the plunge and determine their own career.

Resources Mentioned:

Lightyear Leadership

Dean Graziosi

Your Conscious Empire

Your Best Life

Your Money Mindset

How to Master Your Mindset: my free 6-day video course

How to Start Your Online Empire: my free 6-day video course

The Money Masterclass: my free 6-day video course

Flow with Intention by Jess Lively

The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte

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Lacy Phillips

You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero

You are a Badass by Jen Sincero

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