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"You have to just trust the process, just get started + you will make it happen."

In today’s episode, I have my dear all-star client Di Shepherd chatting with me today about how she launched her first online course! If you’ve been considering adding an online course to your business, you’ll definitely want to tune in and listen. In this episode, we talk about how Di left her corporate job at Sony (where she worked for almost 15 years!) and built her own business (that’s done about half a million in sales!) Plus, Di shares about how she transitioned from running an in-person fitness bootcamp business to offering online courses and a soon-to-be membership for her students. I had the honor of being Di’s business coach in the summer of 2019 and together we accomplished a CRAZY amount of stuff in only 3 short months. Di launched a fresh new website, refreshed her legal documents, moved her entire fitness business to a new booking + payment software, set up her courses on Teachable, created an entire course launch, ran her first live webinar, and welcomed a wave of new students! (Talk about a quantum leap!) We talk about how to combat the overwhelm of creating an online course, mastering our inner critics in order to take inspired action, and stopping the perfectionist inside of us that holds us back from supporting people in a bigger way with an online course. Plus, when it comes to being the teacher, Di explains that you only need to be ONE step ahead of your student in order to help them. (Which is so true!) Grab your earbuds and listen in today! This episode is super fun, really expansive for the entrepreneur who wants to get into the online course game, and Di is such a bright light in the world. Her positive energy is contagious and time flies when I’m talking to this gal!

About Di Shepherd:

Di Shepherd is a Mama and the Founder of ibelieve fitness. She founded ibelieve fitness with the goal of helping mamas and corporate execs return to their physical best with simple health strategies and effective workouts to create more energy to keep up with busy family lifestyles and feel strong, body confident and fit. She previously worked in the super-fast-paced consumer electronics industry at global tech giant Sony for almost 15 years, holding demanding roles in product marketing and senior marketing management. She know how challenging it can be to manage workplace stress while trying to strike a personal home life balance and make time to prioritize physical and mental health. Di provides in-person bootcamps that are fun and challenging, in an environment which promotes a supportive like-minded community feel. She also created the Mama Time Fitness Programs so she could help more mamas return to fitness with a solution structured around time effective workouts, tools to implement healthy habits that stick and provide a digital support tribe to keep you moving towards your goals and results in your ‘me time’ anywhere, anytime. As a Master Trainer from the Australian Institute Fitness with both Pre and Post Natal Certification, she is passionate about time-effective high intensity interval training, running and boxing.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Before running Di’s business ibelieve fitness, she worked at Sony doing product marketing and senior management for almost 15 years! We talk about how Di made the shift to fitness instead.

  • Di helps mamas return to fitness. She has been doing this for over 7 years (+ done close to half a million in sales!) She is an expert in your field and really know everything there is to know. We talk about how Di got into helping mamas specifically and how she found her niche.

  • Di runs an in-person fitness bootcamp in Australia for mamas returning to fitness. After working together in coaching, Di added your first digital course to the mix! We talk about dow Di decided that she wanted to do this. (I have a many listeners in my community who do in-person work and would like to add an online course to the mix, but aren’t sure how to blend it).

  • How Di launched her first online course. We talk about how she started with research and customer interview, ran a live webinar, created sales pages, wrote the email sequences, made an upsell offer and sold her course live! Di shares what this process was like for her.

  • The mindset shifts Di needed to make in order to launch her first online course.

  • A lot of people love the idea of having online courses (easy, scalable, and a source of passive income), but they feel very overwhelmed by the idea of creating one and launching it. Now that Di is on the other side of the launch and working on her next course, she shares her advice for first-time course creators.

  • Together in coaching, Di accomplished a huge list of things in 3 short months. She launched a fresh new website, refreshed her legal documents, moved your entire fitness business to a new booking + payment software, set up her courses on Teachable, and created an entire course launch, and ran her first live webinar, and welcomed a wave of new students! Di really made a quantum leap in a short amount of time and we talked about what helped her do that so quickly.

  • One of the things that I really respect and admire about Di is that she is willing to push yourself out of your comfort zone and stay ridiculously accountable to her goals. We talk about how Di finds the courage to show up and do it (especially when it feels hard and scary)/

  • How Di describes what business coaching with me is like and how it helped her.

  • How Di is also a student inside of Your Conscious Empire. Di shares what has been the most helpful thing for her inside that course.

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Resources Mentioned:

Your Conscious Empire

Your Best Life


Baby You’re Remarkable

Mastering Your Inner Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini

Kikki K + Kristina Karlsson

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